evan j brunner

Raspberry-pi and the Silicon Labs C2 Programming Interface

I recently started a project, and decided that it necessitated connecting a collection of C8051F30x devices to a raspberry-pi. I don’t own a device capable of programming the 8-bit micros. Ultimately what I (coughgooglecough) discovered was that the kernel has had support for the C2 interface since 2008 for various reasons.

Layers for PDFs in R

My fianceé was recently working on her thesis (a survey of Crangon crangon in the Westfjords) and wanted to use R do do some statistical analysis, [and / or] some spatial mapping. I found that R’s pdf() lacked the ability to print layers within a document, so I made a patch.

JSON requests with HttpURLConnection in Android

In the midst of doing something quazi-irrational, I stumbled over the need to create and send JSON requests to a web-server in an android context. Software should be oriented towards the inevitable dominance of a better future, and thus I built the mechanics of this new toy to be dependent on HttpURLConnection, as advised in the Android developer blog: